Dun & Bradstreet Launches D&B Rev.Up ABX, the Industry's First Open RevTech Platform

May 4, 2021

Combines first and third-party data with the industry-leading CDP and new alliances to coordinate highly personalized omnichannel engagement

SHORT HILLS, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Dun & Bradstreet Holdings, Inc. (“Dun & Bradstreet” or the “Company”) (NYSE:DNB), a leading global provider of business decisioning data and analytics, today unveiled D&B Rev.Up, an open and agnostic platform that aligns teams, data and technology to deliver relevant and engaging buyer experiences for target accounts. D&B Rev.Up ABX is the first product in market to bring together first- and third-party data, activation capabilities and measurement, on top of its industry-leading customer data platform (CDP), giving sales and marketing teams a singular view of an account from targeting to revenue.

Marketing has become increasingly challenging in recent years, with more complex martech and salestech stacks, an increase in privacy regulations and the shift to digital, accelerated by the move to remote work. At the same time, marketing leaders are being tasked to do more with less and hold an equal responsibility for revenue generation, requiring a closer alignment with sales and operations leaders. In fact, a recent study of over 2,400 business-to-business (B2B) sales, marketing and operations leaders found that companies with an aligned revenue engine grow 19 percent faster and are 15 percent more profitable.

“As sales and marketing leaders move to shared revenue responsibility, it becomes important to gain a common view of the customer throughout the buying lifecycle,” said Stacy Greiner, Chief Marketing Officer at Dun & Bradstreet. “We designed D&B Rev.Up ABX to simplify marketing and sales workflows by providing data, targeting, activation and measurement in one platform, using an open architecture that allows teams to complement and capitalize on existing investments.”

Open, channel-based approach offers flexibility for account-based programs

D&B Rev.Up ABX takes a channel-agnostic approach that provides a 360-degree view of accounts, contacts, campaigns and sales plays. This approach offers clients the ability to address the channels that matter most and offers the flexibility to connect directly into existing martech or salestech stacks.

With its industry-leading CDP at its core, D&B Rev.Up ABX can ingest and unify first and third-party data and use advanced modeling to build and prioritize audiences that can easily be syndicated to an existing salestech and martech environment. It also includes a growing ecosystem of connectors for ease of integration and new account-based reporting and attribution to measure and optimize customer engagement.

D&B Rev.Up ABX channels include:

  • D&B Rev.Up ABX for Ads: enables execution of paid media campaigns through a managed service or self-serve option to buy display ads, with connectors to demand-side platforms (DSPs) or popular social media channels.
  • D&B Rev.Up ABX for Web: provides the ability to deanonymize web visitors to build targeted audiences and helps create more engaging user experiences through pre-populated forms and personalized content.
  • D&B Rev.Up ABX for Sales: enables the creation of targeted audiences for sales teams, rates opportunities, and puts sales plays into action with connectors to salestech solutions.
  • D&B Rev.Up for Email: helps build targeted audiences and activate email campaigns in connection with popular marketing automation platforms.

New alliances extend the value of Rev.Up ABX

Dun & Bradstreet has collaborated with Bombora and Folloze to further extend the insights and capabilities of the D&B Rev.Up platform.

Bombora provides comprehensive and ethically sourced intent data built around a taxonomy of 7000+ third-party intent topics. Bombora’s topic taxonomy will be integrated into D&B Hoovers to give customers more options for their intent data needs. Customers will be able to use Dun & Bradstreet’s 3500 topics, Dun & Bradstreet’s custom models, or Bombora’s taxonomy to find in-market buyers in the D&B Hoovers platform.

“From the beginning, Bombora’s mission has been to deliver data that tells sales and marketing teams what customers want- along with the ability to act in concert on those insights,” said Erik Matlick, Founder and CEO of Bombora. “Collaborating with Dun & Bradstreet—a company that effectively created the business information category—as they launch solutions aimed at creating a common view of a customer is a major step forward for us in the industry.”

Folloze brings rich Dun & Bradstreet data to life by empowering marketing teams to quickly create and launch data-powered personalized omnichannel experiences across the entire buyer journey. Key Folloze Buyer Experience capabilities are included in all Rev.Up ABX solutions, allowing Folloze to capture comprehensive first-party account and individual behavior analytics that feed back into the CDP for improved insight and further targeting. In addition, Folloze will orchestrate targeted campaign activities across the revenue teams including sales, account development and channel.

“B2B buying and selling has changed forever,” said Eric Bauer, Chief Growth Officer at Folloze. “Today’s digital-first buyers want to be treated as partners – not campaign targets. As such, creating the engaging account-based experiences across the entire buyer journey represents the new table stakes for every marketing team. Our alliance with Dun & Bradstreet makes it easy for marketing and revenue teams to retool and quickly deliver dynamic contextual experiences across a wide range of digital touchpoints.”

Dun & Bradstreet clients see success across buyer’s journey

Clients are already realizing the benefits of D&B Rev.Up ABX, citing greater flexibility, ease of integration into existing stacks, and the ability to gain deeper intelligence into target accounts.

“Dun & Bradstreet has been core to our account-based marketing strategy, serving as an open customer data platform for paid media and email campaigns,” said Roel Haanappel, Director Digital Growth at Unit4. “D&B Rev.Up ABX expands our ability to integrate with more systems and data, giving us greater flexibility and value from our current and future investments.”

“D&B Rev.Up ABX for Sales has helped our sellers get deeper intelligence on their best fit accounts that are most likely to buy now. That has helped us prioritize our efforts, drive new pipeline and increase our program’s average opportunity size by +40%” said Julia Dinolfo, Manager of Account Demand Strategy at NI (formerly known as National Instruments).

“We have worked alongside our clients to build these new solutions that drive sales and marketing efficiencies in a way that best suits their needs,” said Greiner. “We will continue to collaborate with clients to explore new types of data, new technologies, and flexible solutions to drive revenue growth at businesses of all sizes.”

D&B Rev.Up ABX solutions are now available in North America. For more information, please visit the Dun & Bradstreet blog or join us for the annual Rev.Up Summit, June 8-10, 2021.

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