At D&B, we believe that good corporate governance practices directly support superior business outcomes and thus the creation of shareholder value. We also believe that sound governance is fundamental to maintaining the integrity of the D&B Brand. Our Brand stands for trust and confidence - our customers have relied on D&B to make critical business decisions for over 172 years.

In order to help investors, customers, team members and other important constituencies understand our approach to governance, we have made available on this website certain of our key Corporate Governance documents.

Committee Charters View
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Other Governance Documents View
Corporate Governance Principles PDF   71.6 KB Add to Briefcase
Team Member Code of Conduct PDF  192.7 KB Add to Briefcase
Partner Code of Conduct PDF  221.8 KB Add to Briefcase
Fourth Amended and Restated By-Laws, as amended May 8, 2013 PDF  154.5 KB Add to Briefcase
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Incentive Compensation Recoupment (Clawback) Policy PDF   56.0 KB Add to Briefcase

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